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What to do with pooja samagri after pooja ?

what to do with pooja samagri after disposal

Many people after doing their pooja usually wonders what to do with used pooja samagri ? Then question is relevant as it add bad karma if you dispose the reminants of pooja in the wrong way. Also you do not get positive spiritual and prayers are not heard if you do not follow the pooja leftover (waste) disposal ways mentioned in vedic scriptures.

The right way to dispose pooja samagri explained

Its often a misled behavior that people tend to throw the remains of Pooja items into the river/rivulet/canal instead of properly disposing it. While flowers and leaves wont create much damage, but plastic items,cloths and wrappers create as much damage to the ecosystem.

According to vedic scriptures, the pooja leftover (waste) must never be mixed with common home waste. They must either be given to the nearest temple or crimated in the holy indian cities like haridwar and varanasi.

But since its not practical for everyone to visit these places and dispose the waste, The OSR trust has come into play to help you out.

With an aim to make India a worship leftover (waste) free nation, OSR CHARITABLE TRUST has come into being. With the grace of God, we have successfully converted and recycled worship leftover (waste) materials into the useful things that can be put in to use again. We are committed to keep the nation neat and clean specially the premises of the temples where tons of items are disposed under the religious trees or dumped along side rivers or other religous sites. Choose our pooja leftover (waste) collection and disposal service in Delhi Ncr and we will pickup up the pooja leftover (waste) from your home and office and later dispose it religiously in haridwar.

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