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How do you dispose broken religious statues

broken religious statues

In India, its very common to throw away God and Goddess broken or old statues at the side of banyon tree or beside a river. But this is no the right way to show respect to your religion. Also it may give bad karma although your intentions are not bad.

Regardless of someone’s religious tradition, the bottom line when making decisions about unwanted or damaged religious items is to treat them with reverence and respect. In almost all cases, burial is the preferred method of disposal for damaged items. As Mehta says, “Earth is considered a pious, natural, physical element. When burying in the earth, you’re not trashing something. You’re removing it respectfully.”

What you should always avoid ?

Firstly, idols or yantra on which pran pratishtha has been performed even once, must not be consigned to the waters. This should be handed over to a guru or to a related (type of puja) pandit of a temple for best use as deemed fit, while notifying them that pran pratishtha has been performed on them, so that they may take care accordingly.

The second thing here to note that idol in a household should not exceed size of your thumb. Anything over that are meant for temple only. A hanging bell (as in temples : Ghanta) in a household creates trouble for unborn or small children.

Another bid of caution, if you are using idol in the household which has been made jagrit (pran pratishtha has been performed on it) then you have to take care of it like any human being. Making it sleep, making it get up, changing clothes, giving bath, offering food and prayers and so on. It should not be left alone unattended in the house and after wards must be disposed in any one of the indian holy site.

Wondering how to dispose off blessed or holy religious statues ?

The unused and broken religious statues must only be disposed on holy religious sites like haridwar or varanasi under the guidance of a pujari only. The land in which the idols are disposed must also be purified before disposal.

How we can help ?

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