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For Annual Membership : Pooja Waste Doorstep Pickup and disposal in haridwar 12 times a year. Opportunity to take part in cleanliness drives, cultural and awareness events.

For One Time Pickup : One Time Pooja Waste Doorstep Pickup and disposal in haridwar.

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Our Mission

Many devotees immerse the pooja leftover (waste) into the nearby rivers. Just think of broken idols, agarbattis, grains, scared threads and tons of other religious things that are difficult to recycle and pollute the water. This harms both the flora and fauna of the river. We take care of this to keep the environment neat and clean. We are committed to put all the pooja leftover (waste) to a good use. We make sure that all the harmful waste is disposed safely and effectively. In short, we are on the mission of making a cleaner nation for the devotees and a better place to live for all of us. 

Our Vision

We are continuously striving towards it and predict that sooner India would be a nation that is devoid of the tons of pooja leftover (waste). We acknowledge the Faith (Astha) of millions of devotees nation-wide but at the same time we urge them to spread the religious faith and not waste.  Let us make our nation a cleaner place to live in. Temple premises, Rivers, Trees etc. should be kept clean.