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How to dispose of religious items

What is Religious or Worship Waste

India is a land of religious minded people. Thousands of devotees from all across the nation throng the temples everyday or do worship at their homes and likely to dispose off religious pooja leftover (waste) like broken statues into the nearby rivers or below trees or in daily garbage. Some of these pollutants are highly dangerous and cost dearly to the living beings. Also this ads bad karma to your life and effect your spiritual life as well. 

What can be done to dispose the religious waste in the right way?

With an aim to make India a worship leftover (waste) free nation, OSR CHARITABLE TRUST has come into being. With the grace of God, we have successfully converted and recycled worship leftover (waste) materials into the useful things that can be put in to use again. We are committed to keep the nation neat and clean specially the premises of the temples where tons of items are disposed under the religious trees or dumped along side rivers or other religous sites. Choose our pooja leftover (waste) collection and disposal service in Delhi Ncr and we will pickup up the pooja leftover (waste) from your home and office and later dispose it religiously in haridwar.

OSR Trust Religious waste collection & disposal in for Delhi Ncr Region.

Annual Membership @ Rs 2100 Only : Pooja Waste Doorstep Pickup and disposal in haridwar 12 times a year. Opportunity to take part in cleanliness drives, cultural and awareness events. One Time Pickup Worship Waste Pickup @ Rs 501 Only : One Time Pooja Waste Doorstep Pickup and disposal in haridwar.

How to dispose puja samagri

Majority of people in india do their prayers and pooja with full dedication. But when it comes to used puja samagri, they simply throw it in the dustbin or nearby tree or pond or river. This not only pollutes the environment but also reduces the effect of your puja. This is usually done because of three reasons.

  • Lack of knowledge about religious waste disposal
  • Lack of time to dispose religious waste properly 
  • Knowledge of places where you can dispose puja samagri.

A very simple solution to this is to choose our puja waste collection & visarjan service. if you become our menber, then we will regularly collect pooja leftover (waste) from your home and dispose it in the holy ground of haridwar.

Where to dispose pooja items

Disposing pooja leftover (waste) below a tree or near pond or river contribute to pollution. You must dispose pooja items in holy land with the help of qualified purohit or choose osr trust pooja leftover (waste) disposal service.

हम पूजा सामग्री वेस्ट को एकत्र करके उसे प्रोपरली डिस्पोज़ और परिवर्तित करते है

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